Project Events

eBussed Final dissemination event

25/05/2023 - 26/05/2023

The event offers an overview to the action plan progress in the eBussed...

Type: Project

Utrecht region final dissemination event


The final dissemination event for the eBussed in the region will take place on...

Type: Project

eBussed Final Dissemination Event in Gozo


The event presents to stakeholders and decision-makers the eBussed local Action...

Type: Project

Towards emission-free public transport in Turku


Towards emission-free public transport  is the regional final...

Type: Project

eBussed Final Seminar

18/05/2022 - 20/05/2022

The eBussed Final Seminar offers a wide range of e-bus related activities:...

Type: Project

Good Practice event

30/03/2022 - 31/03/2022

 eBussed Good Practice event The event offers Good Practice...

Type: Project

South Transdanubia stakeholder meeting


We cordially invite you to attend a conference on promoting the wider use of...

Type: Project

Gozo Stakeholder Meeting

08/11/2021 - 07/11/2021

The participants will receive information about the project news and a...

Type: Project

Procurement and Tendering of Electric Buses


Interreg eBussed interregional learning event on ‘Procurement and Tendering of...

Type: Project

Gozo Stakeholder Meeting on Good Practices


The eBussed stakeholder meeting for Gozo will focus on Good Practices. Malta...

Type: Project