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Hochbahn planning multi-storey mobility hub


Hamburger Hochbahn planning multi-storey mobility hub Integrated fire safety...

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Hamburg taking home a Eurocities Award 2023


The annual Eurocities Awards recognize cities’ outstanding achievements in...

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Supporting Electrification Efforts in Turku


In Turku, the eBussed project has played a crucial role in assisting Turku Urban...

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Monitoring e-buses & peek shaving with storage


In the Utrecht region in the Netherlands, stakeholders Province of Utrecht,...

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Digitization and new electric charging solutions


In the framework of the eBussed project, STRIA developed the Hungarian eBussed...

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Expanding the e-bus public transport fleet in Gozo


In 2022 in line with Action 2 of the eBussed Action Plan for Gozo, Malta Public...

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Final event showcases sustainable mobility progress


The eBussed Final Dissemination event occurred in Livorno, Italy, with the aim...

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Students developing fleet electrification programme


Turku university of applied sciences (Turku UAS) is working together with Turku...

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Action Plan implementation in Gozo


The eBussed Action Plan for Gozo has two main actions: Action 1 – Updating the...

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Promoting digital solutions and charging options


In Hungary, the South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (STRIA) is...

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Progress of the action plan in Utrecht


Together with transport company Qbuzz and the Dutch knowledge organization on...

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Integrated fire safety guidelines on the way


One of the activities related to the eBussed Action Plan is to develop and...

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