Next summer Turku region, which is one of the six eBussed project districts, will have a drastic change in the number of its e-buses. Currently, the public transport provider Föli has six Linkker e-buses, covering 2 % of the fleet. In July, one-fifth of the fleet will be e-buses, as 42 new vehicles will start their quiet journey. By 2022, the number of e-buses will gradually rise to 70.

Turku Region Public Transport company Föli operates in 6 municipalities. So far, only the public transport between Turku harbour and airport has been run with e-buses. The electrification of new bus lines widens the operation area, as the routes stretch from the city of Turku to two neighbouring municipalities.

The first charging station in Turku is placed in the harbour.

At the moment, there are two high-power (300 kW) charging stations for e-buses, maintained by the city. The operating company Nobina Oy won the competitive tendering and will build 46 new charging stations to its bus depot. New buses are equipped with large batteries and are will be charged overnight.

The City of Turku is aiming to be carbon-neutral by 2029. By procuring these new electric vehicles, the CO2 emissions will reduce by 4 300 tons a year in the operating area.