One of the activities related to the eBussed Action Plan is to develop and implement a holistic approach to contingency management. In Hamburg, a public transport operator Hochbahn had tendered for the elaboration of holistic guidelines for the prevention and fighting of fires in their bus system. The call had been published in early 2022 and in early summer the successful bidder together with Hochbahn has taken up work and involved relevant stakeholders (various departments within Hochbahn) in the production of these guidelines.

Several consecutive and parallel work packages have been accomplished, including constructional, facility-specific as well as operational and organisational measures. First came the stock-taking and plausibility check of existing concepts in different areas. Second was the evaluation of measurements and risks and deduction of recommended actions. The findings were poured into first draft guidelines – a basis for further discussion with stakeholders (internal) in a steering group. Presentation of the guidelines to external stakeholders will follow in a next step.

Moreover, research projects in the area of fire safety (sequence of a bus fire, effectiveness of contingency measures) are being aimed for to gain more insights.

The guidelines will eventually be supplementing the sustainable, efficient, and future-proof investments in e-buses and the depots of Hochbahn.