Last month, at our Project Workshop (PW4.3), ECoC-SME project got together to exchange cross-regional feedbacks on the second draft of our partners' Action Plan.

“Creative Doctors“ is the first action of Rijeka’s Action Plan. It is a collaborative platform where people can share their problems and questions (‘patients’) and other can provide answers (‘doctors’).

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Kaunas’ feedbacks on “Creative Doctors“:

“Creative Doctors“ has a good marketing approach, the idea is catchy and realistic.

Good work on expanding part how you would administrate Creative Doctors and who are the administrator responsible for it.

This is important as many platforms with online consultation activities fail. There are possibilities that "problems" that you will get from clients would be very abstract or shallow (how to start a business; how to find more clients). Then your doctors will not have enough motivation to work as volunteers or expert mentors. Volunteering, mentoring could be free, but it takes a lot of time and money to create such a service. Additionally, it is hard to deliver quality work through volunteers' hands and with many stakeholders. Think of ways to show that this idea is sustainable and focus on long term.

You still could think of more methods how to collect more relevant problems and more practical solutions. For instance, there is a good practice to create events called “experts circles“, where one problem is rotated among 6-10 experts, when entrepreneurs pitch their problems and seek for answers.