One of the focuses of the ECoC-SME project is connecting the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI) with existing start-up and innovation ecosystems. On top of that, we are also experimenting on how an event of large socio-economic latitude such as the European Capital of Cultural (ECoC) and the subsequent legacy can add value to these cross-sectoral partnerships.

Using this as the starting and focal point, Leeuwarden has developed an Action Plan aimed at CCI-proofing the existing and developing start-up ecosystem and inclusion of the CCI in the provincial policies with regards to European project development.

For more info: The ECoC-SME Action Plans

Arcadia: Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018 Legacy Programme

On October 28th, we started with a brainstorm for large-scale European project development for the Legacy programme of LF2018: Arcadia. This 100-day-long triannual event with blockbusters and smaller exquisite cultural programmes is aimed at positioning Leeuwarden and Friesland as a region where culture and art act as drivers for social, economic, landscape and sustainable processes. Guided by the central question “How can we be good ancestors and leave a future-proof heritage?”, both literally and in triannual programming, we will focus on different themes regarding how we leave the earth, our society and our city & region behind for the next generations.

Photo credit: Lucas Kemper

In order to set up a programme of this size, it is important to involve others and, above all, to seek exchanges and inspiration from Europe. The European positioning of Arcadia also offers many starting points for active European project development for the CCI and development of local CCI entrepreneurs and SMEs.

The LF2028 organisation has chosen to produce the biggest event by far in the Arcadia programme: BOSK. BOSK is a slow-moving art installation in the form of a slow-walking forest of 1500 trees, which travels through the streets of Leeuwarden for 100 days. BOSK will give a stage for all kinds of cultural side-performances, dialogue and education on culture and green. With BOSK, and the many events of Arcadia, we hope to provide a lot of business opportunities for the CCI.

Cultural Launch Game

Working on ECoC-SME, we have translated an existing start-up launch game to the CCI-sector. The Cultural Launch Game will be tested soon by a network of young creatives, brought together by LF2028 and Keunstwurk, a regional support-organisation for culture and art. In the meantime, we are brainstorming with our stakeholders for another instrument in the existing start-up ecosystem to adjust for the CCI.

Creating work and business for the CCI in the Arcadia programme and fostering business opportunities for young and new CCI-entrepreneurs help strengthening the sector and the artistic climate in Leeuwarden. In doing so, the City of Leeuwarden, the province of Fryslân, and all of our stakeholders are investing in a lively and attractive city that makes its mark.