The online event "ecoRIS3 Innovation through the Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for Innovative Ecosystems" will take place on the 24th Feb at 9:30 CET. Participants will be introduced to the ecoRIS3 project its goals, aims and successes to date by the Metropolitan City of Turin in collaboration with ecoRIS3 lead partner Fomento San Sebastian. 

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We are delighted to have colleagues join us from the European Commission, JRC Joint Research Centre to discuss the evolution of 'S3 through the pandemic: challenges and opportunities ' and further contributions from Daniela Nepote, Ires Piemonte / Social Economic Research Institute of Piedmont and Claudia Fassero, Città Metropolitana di Torino with us to outline Piedmont's approach to a multi-level governance system for innovation policy. Each ecoRIS3 partner region will also update on the regional inputs and updates on their Action Plans during the session.


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