From the 7th to the 8th of June, an experience exchange visit within the EcoRIS project to strengthen the regions' innovation ecosystem in times of crisis will occur in Riga (Latvia). We invite to join the conference on the 7th of June online.

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Discussions on the exchange of experience will focus on recommendations for institutional support for the innovation ecosystem in the face of crisis escalation and will build on the findings of previous ecoRIS3 studies, activities, workshops, and seminars. The need for an exchange of experience, initially triggered by the crisis of COVID-19, has now been escalated by the new geopolitical situation in Europe and the world in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war and subsequent sanctions, which have a significant impact on innovation ecosystems across the European Union.

The aim of the conference is to share the experience of Partner Countries and gain new insights and initiatives. The current situation marks a new escalation of the crisis with the need to respond to new challenges. The new geopolitical reality has a significant impact not only on companies and institutional organizations, but also on the civic and academic sectors. At the same time, the crisis offers new opportunities to accelerate sustainable innovation in the regions. We will discuss this at the experience exchange conference.

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