On Friday 21st May 2021 the monitoring phase of the Pilot Action eHealth Territorial Lab carried out by the Metropolitan City of Turin and Fomento San Sebastian took off.

The monitoring consists of tracking some relevant health parameters and reporting all the data in a questionnaire supported by a web app.  

The goal is to increase the ability to identify situations of fragility and to allow the preventive identification of anomalous degeneration in health.  

Metropolitan City of Turin and its technical partner supporting the activities TOP-IX Consortium managed the delivery of the devices to the participants of the experimentation while providing them with training on how to use both the devices and the web app.  

In order to properly activate the action it has been crucial for the team to reach the area of the implementation and to see first-hand which are the difficulties experienced by people living in remote areas not well connected to the infrastructures.

What are the next steps?

  • Take on board two additional families,
  • Take forward the data acquisition till August 2021,
  • Fine-tune the process! 

For further information on the eHealth Territorial Lab contact Chiara Bergeretti, Project Assistant, Consorzio TOP-IX, [email protected]