Big audience at the final meeting of the Pilot Action eHealth TLab, titled "Local ecosystem as an instrument to scale up innovative local start-up in eHealth topic", held on the 15th of November in Moncenisio.

Moncenisio – the smallest municipality of the Metropolitan City of Turin area with its 43 inhabitants – was symbolically chosen as the location of the final meeting, to underline the specific features and needs of the mountain territory, which can be answered and satisfied through a digital and innovative approach, to achieve territorial equity in providing services as the final goal.  

Mayors, councillors and territorial stakeholders taking part in the pilot action attended the meeting, in order to share and disseminate results and critical issues emerged during the pilot action and to imagine future areas of development and cooperation.

The participants of the experimentation who were present in the room underlined their appreciation for a service that helped them to feel less alone and safer in their relationship with their family doctor. The same service also helped to keep high the people's level of well-being and quality of life, acting at a preventive level on their healthcare. 

The current common challenge, according to mayors and territorial stakeholders, is to collect the positive outcomes and the critical issues of the project in order to transform it into an innovative and integrated service, well thought and developed according to the specific needs of the local communities.  

The aim of the project was to boost a virtuous cooperation mechanism among health territorial entities, the local mayors and councils, the connectivity and digital solutions’ providers and the final users; mechanism which seems to have begun.  

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