Following the ecoRIS3 project, the Metropolitan City of Turin had the aim to identify a set of Good Practices in the context of Covid-19, namely the initiatives carried out between 2020 and 2022. The objective was also to share these Good Practices with the other partners of the project and potential stakeholders.

Therefore, this article will focus in I3P good practice in relation to the report that can be found in the ecoRIS3 website library through this link. You can also read the article about this report in the ecoRIS3 newsletter here or on the ecoRIS3 website here.

I3P - Innovative Enterprise Incubator Politecnico di Torino - supports the creation and the development of innovative start-ups with high technological intensity and growth potential, founded both by university researchers and students, and by external entrepreneurs, providing strategic consulting services, coaching, mentoring, fundraising support and spaces.

I3P is a non-profit joint-stock consortium set up by Politecnico di Torino, Città Metropolitana di Torino, Camera di Commercio di Torino, Finpiemonte, Fondazione Torino Wireless and Città di Torino.

The business incubator I3P, in April 2020, decided to create a webpage to collect the many calls for proposals dedicated to start-ups, published by regional, national, European and international authorities in order to gather ideas, projects and useful innovations as contributions to the fight against the Covid-19 emergency. This initiative, created by the business incubator during the first wave of the virus, well represents how the innovation ecosystem in Torino quickly responded to the virus spreading.

Various players, both in the innovation ecosystem and among policy makers, introduced and promoted actions and concessions aimed at helping the industrial and technological systems to deal with the emergency. The main purposes of these actions were from one hand to develop new innovative solutions to fight the virus and make them quickly available on the market, but on the second hand also and above all to prevent a situation of this kind from occurring again in the future.

I3P, as also other startups’ incubators, did promptly react to the pandemic, by underlining the role of innovation as one of the main tool in the fight against the Covid-19 crisis. As stated by I3P, it is important not to interrupt the innovative processes already occurring before the crisis and it is equally fundamental to understand the opportunities that can be found during this difficult moment through the introduction of further new and innovative ideas.

The I3P webpage represents a simple but effective way to help micro enterprises, startups, the innovation ecosystem and the public-private inter-linkages, by keeping track of all the initiatives promoted by the various public authorities and organisations, both in advantage of enterprises and innovation.

Finally, Metropolitan City of Turin concludes that this good practice is an exceptional example of mitigation and adaptation to the Covid-19 pandemic socio-economic challenge, since it underlines the importance of the creation and development of innovative start-ups with high technological intensity as a way to contrast the crisis.

The Metropolitan City of Turin is shareholder of the two universities business incubators: both of I3P and of 2I3T.

For further information contact: Claudia Fassero, Head of EU and International Projects at Metropolitan City of Turin [email protected]