On 30 August the Metropolitan City of Turin (CMTo) organised an online meeting with the representative of IRES Piemonte, a local research institute in the socio-economic field and key stakeholder in the early phase of EcoRIS3 implementation on the territory.

The discussion focused on the testimony of the IRES Researcher Daniela Nepote, who won the opportunity to take part in a peer review interregional experience promoted on Interreg Europe learning platform. A peer review usually sets out a policy challenge that a specific region aims to overcome thanks to international experts’ suggestions.

In this case, the main activity involved actors of European regional innovation ecosystems in finding and sharing solutions to mobilise clusters on SMEs and promote an efficient collaboration between universities and industries in Upper-Silesia Region (Poland), themes that are aligned with S3 and have been pointed out several times during EcoRIS3 meetings.

As stated by Dr. Nepote, the peer review was not only an opportunity to analyse and solve a case study but also an inspiration to rethink the positioning of one's own territory in an interregional context.

From an external point of view, this shared experience offered CMTo the opportunity to strengthen the engagement with local stakeholders, lay the foundations for future collaborations on incoming projects and reflect on how territorial entities can contribute to the promotion of innovation and to the exchange of good practices directly to an interregional level.