On the morning of 4 October (10 am – 1 pm) the Metropolitan City of Turin will host the thematic workshop “Innovation between vision and reality. Skills and territories the key factors?”. The event stems from the experience gained in the framework of ecoRIS3 project thanks to the support of the Piedmont Region, which has seen the Metropolitan City of Turin collaborate fruitfully on the topic of economic development and innovation together with other relevant actors on the national and European scene.

The workshop aims to stimulate reflections, comparisons and exchanges of good practices among operators, policy makers and scholars on the topic of the impact of innovation on skills. The objective is to highlight the elements of a roadmap that, by investing in skills, supports the territory in its inclusive development policies.

As the experience of ecoRIS3 has repeatedly shown, among the challenges of innovation - and in particular the ongoing digital transformation – there is the one related to the shape of skills and labour market. The European programming of Structural and Investment Funds for the period 2021-2027 and the Piedmont Region's Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) provide the roadmap that Italian public administrations will have to follow to facilitate the transition to a new paradigm. In this context, the role of public authorities, in particular metropolitan cities and regions (responsible for generating 67% of GDP and 61% of employment in the European Union) is crucial, not only for the responsiveness that these challenges require, but also for the need to anticipate these changes by reading the clues of a model that is in many ways unknown.

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