The purpose of the Technopole Brest-Iroise was to mobilize and support innovators to boost the development of Brest's metropolitan area. In this regards, the Technopole lead actions of animation between the industrial, scientific and academic actors.

The Idea of Atlantic Blue Tech was developed by Brest métropole and Technopole Brest-Iroise in 2013. The project aimed at promoting and developing at the Atlantic level and in a joint and concerted manner, the marine bio-resources’ sector. It was elected over 105 other submitted projects. With a budget of 1.1 million euros, the project, which focused on marine bio-resources, was 65% financed by the European Structural Funds.

Because the marine bioresources' sector is not something to be tackled locally, it was decided to get in touch with organisations across Europe which faced the same difficulties in terms of access of the SMEs to the market. The project was then organised among several European partners (from Portugal, Spain, United-Kingdom and Ireland)

Eight partners set up a successful proposal at the end of 2013 and started to work on the actions early 2014, until mid-2015. Notwithstanding with a short time period to develop actions, because of the strong involvement of partners, the project brought on the tables data and new ideas to further support the blue biotech sector in the coming years.

Image: During the Forum Do Mar event, May 2014, Porto

This "Atlantic Area" project focused on marine bio-resources, namely the exploitation of algae, micro-bacteria and more generally of all living elements in the marine environment.

In a context of global crisis of the economy, the blue economy represented an essential stake for the future development of our maritime territories. 

Often considered as a resource, the ocean has also to be envisaged as a source of innovation, growth and jobs. In this sense, marine bio-resources constitute a sector with high growth potential but still largely unexploited by businesses. These latter have to face many constraints and barriers (legal, environmental, economic and social).

The ATLANTIC BLUE TECH project partners worked to develop the marine bio-resources’ sector at the Atlantic level. Gathering economic and innovation development agencies, local authorities and scientific organisations, the project aimed at capitalizing projects and initiatives previously developed under this thematic. Project partners identified the main obstacles to the development of the sector and defined corrective measures.

Example of actions completed by the project:

• Led by Technopole Brest-Iroise: directory of jobs, skills and training in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire, France (download)

• Led by Oceano XXI: Portuguese network for marine bio resources and biotechnology (information sheet) & Identification of Atlantic Maritime stakeholders (information sheet)

• Final conference: "European Forum for Innovation in the Marine bioresources" organised on April 29th and 30th.

Introduction of the Atlantic Blue Tech forum 

Interview from CEEI Bahia de Cadiz 

Finally, through the identification of transnational structuring projects, the project was an essential link to the future 2014-2020 programming period. It also contributed to the operational implementation of the Action Plan adopted in the framework of the EU Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic region.

The project Atlantic Blue Tech set in perspectives that the ocean is more than a water resource. It has infinite potential for innovation. The bio-marine environment is full of science waiting to be discovered and used in sustainable ways to answer to the needs of changes of our planet and as well, for the economic benefits for regions and cities leading the innovations.

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Image: Atlantic Blue Tech Partner’ logos