The Biotechnology Business Incubator is located in the Sunrise Valley academic campus, next to the Life Sciences Center of the University of Vilnius. The incubator is an adjacent to academic institutions such as the National Center for Physics and Technology, the Scientific Information and Information Center (MKIC), the Faculty of Physics, Law, Economics and Business Administration and Communication of the Vilnius University, which makes it easy to reach the highest level of expertise, research services and infrastructure.

The premises of the business incubator is primarily intended to help academia or innovative business to set-up bio-tech related spin-off or startups and learn from each other during the scale up and to prove its business models. This incubator will enable business enterprises to cooperate more actively with scientific and educational institutions, encourage more active start up of new technology companies and help to ensure more efficient commercialization of research results.  

Image: Fresh start inside the business laboratory with rector of Vilnius University and vice-minister of the Economy of Lithuania (2016). © Vilnius University. 

The Incubator offers 22 laboratories with tech-lab equipment with common space working environment as the ability to share ideas from VU researchers and collaborate with them in verifying and implementing their intentions.  

The start-up life sciences company based in the Biotechnology Business Incubator provides the opportunity to get the package of services necessary for successful business development: it is not only technological and laboratory facilities and workshops, but also other services for incubator companies. The Sunrise valley Science and technology park provides legal, intellectual property management, business development, attracting investors and / or sources of finance, accounting, marketing, product and service validation and commercialization, and other advice. Permissible incubation period is up to 5 years. 

Currently (circa 2018), the following companies are located in the Incubator: Satimed, Thermopharma Baltic, Diagnolita, Lidaris, Spila, Droplet Genomics, MB Sekos, Baltymas, and CasZyme

Vilnius University Life Sciences Center research-based company, was established in 2017 by researches from Vilnius University and develops new discoveries, innovative applications and top-quality research in the field of CRISPR based Molecular Tools. Company creates outstanding value for researchers and companies practicing gene-editing worldwide. Company received substantial investment form USA company “Du Pont”.

The Finnish pre-clinical research company “Experimentica” has established a startup company here in BBI since November, 2018. 

Building and equipment of the Bio-technology park business incubator was funded by the European Development Fund in the framework of the "Santara Valley development program" (EU SF for 2008-2014) with the aim to proceed the development of valleys by implementing the process of smart specialization. Total project costs was €2.3 million.

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For Further information on the Biotech incubator in Sunrise valley, please, contact Kristina Babelytė-Labanauskė, e-mail.: [email protected]