Actions to prevent food waste in public & private sector will be introduced as well as regional call for proposals on food waste reduction and circular economy.


Tuesday 27th March 2018

13h30 Welcome, coffee and tea
Meeting room 200A – 27 place Jules Guesde 13481 Marseille Cedex 20

14h00 – 15h00
Welcome by a member of the Regional Council of PACA
Welcome by Mrs Delphine VITALI, Directorate of environment

Introduction to the cross-visit program (Mrs Christelle DEBLAIS)

Presentation of the regional calls of proposals on Circular Economy
 (Mrs Christelle DEBLAIS):
-    “Reduce food waste” (ADEME-REGION-DRAAF)

15h00 - 15h30
Overview and data of food waste in France and PACA – DRAAF – M. CANITROT

15h30 – 17h00
Introducing first eco-innovations:
-    Regional Council: presentation of the action plans for the colleges – Mrs LEROUX
-    ARPE: presentation of the program “sustainable school canteens” – Mrs BARRE -
-    CETA: vegetables processing workshop with farmers – M. POINAS

19h30: Dinner in Marseille

Wednesday 28th March, Avignon

9h00 visit of the Packaging and Redistribution Workshop Les Jardins de la Méditerranée - IMAGINE84 -

10h00 visit of the factory LOCAL EN BOCAL

11h00 visit of the Avignon Hospital canteen

13h00: lunch

15h30 – visit of the AUCHAN supermarket

18h00 come back to Marseille

19h30: Dinner in Marseille

Thursday 29th March

9h00 meeting point at PACA regional council in Marseille

9h00-10h00 meeting the EU/ERDF department of PACA Regional Council

10h00-12h00 debriefing the cross-visit

12h00 End of the cross-visit