This mutual learning event will bring together regional policymakers, NGOs, academics, businesses to look at food from different perspectives to support sustainable regional development. The objective is to share experiences, discover stories, to understand each others’ challenges and to identify fields for action which can start now.

The AER event at Smart City Expo World Congress will create:
•    Mutual learning and sharing of experiences
•    Thought provoking perspectives & new inputs
•    Understanding of others’ challenges
•    Fields for action which can start now

A collaboration for policy learning and advocacy
This event represents provides an opportunity for collaboration between  the AER Committees, which are the place for experience sharing and policy learning, and the AER Bureau, which focuses on developping political positions and engages in advocacy.

The event will generate mutual learning and the findings will feed the work of the Task Force on Food. Smart City Expo World Congress will be an ideal place to address the many modern aspects of food and policy making, as these are at the crossroad of innovation, sustainability, wellbeing, health and territorial cohesion.

Contributors to our side event will receive a 3 days pass for the trade fair of Smart City Expo. These passes will provide access to all side events:

If you would like to attend, or if your region would be interested in sharing best practices, please contact Johanna Pacevicius. You will then receive a code to register on the Smart City Expo World Congress page.

Draft Agenda

09:30    Introduction

09:32   Sharing experiences

–Raimondo Mandis, Member of staff of the President of Sardinia as expert in agriculture, agrofood and internationalization of the segments, Member of the national council of Slow Food and President of Slow Food Cagliari

–Samuel Féret, Senior project manger at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier (CIHEAM IAM), Project Manager Interreg Europe project ECOWASTE4FOOD

–Elisa Bodenstab, Founder of Youth initiative Perpetuum Mobility Germany, and representative of citizens initiative “Verwenden statt verschwenden”

2 main angles:
•    Governance for sustainable food production
Co-creation, rural-urban links and citizens participation in the Digital Age to support sustainable food production
Can technology improve rural-urban links and more importantly co-creation for sustainable food production? What is needed to encourage citizens participation for sustainable rural and urban development? In a world which is deemed to further concentrate population in cities, how to ensure fair and sustainable food governance? How to feed cities?

•    Food systems & supply chains: a territorial approachSupply chain innovation & sound resource managementHow to innovate supply chains, support short food supply chains and sustainable food systems? How to avoid food waste? How to encourage the production of quality food? How to use food innovation for sustainable regional development? How to innovate to limit the climate footprint of food production?10:00    Priority areas for action10:06    What is special about the Digital Age?10:12    The role of regions10:30    End of the meeting