The Everywhere International SMEs (EIS) project has many stakeholders all over Europe. Here you can meet a selected few who are involved in the EIS project.

Name: Giulia Basilici

Country: Italy  

Function: Innovation for enterprises & International Technology Transfer expert  

Institution: ASTER S. cons. p. A. ,Emilia-Romagna Consortium for innovation and technology transfer  

Role in the EIS Project: "My role in the EIS project is in the Local Stakeholder Group of the Emilia-Romagna Region. For ASTER, I provide the link with the regional business innovation community (especially innovative SMEs). During local workshops I presented regional best practices for internationalization of innovative companies, managed in great cooperation with the Regional government. For example, our last experience of a Business Match for SMEs in Silicon Valley.  

We encourage and support companies in their internationalization and innovation path; by learning from and exchanging with EIS partners, we are able to help companies even more. Our engagement from the early stage of the project also allow to better shape future policies with the Regional government."

Picture at the top: Stakeholder by Nick Youngson licenced under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0