There is no lack of companies of all sizes and with different specialisations, who are interested in internationalising their businesses by exporting to other countries. For many of these companies however, that process seem confusing and convoluted. This was also the case with the interior design company Migaloo Home working out of Bojano, Poland in the region of Pomerania, that needed assistance in taking the next step in internationalising their growing business. This step started when they first learned of the Pomerania Export Broker programme, that targets micro to medium sized enterprises, who are oriented towards beginning export activity and growing their export by accessing new markets. A programme that Migaloo Home saw as a perfect opportunity for them and their business.

Next step for a growing company

Migaloo Home specialises in interior design that draws inspiration from nature by letting the material dictate the design by using their patented composite called Migaloo rock. In this way their designs are only limited by the imagination and the products from their latest collections are popular as furniture and lighting fixtures for hotels like the Four Seasons. Following up on their succes and fast growth, Migaloo Home contacted their export broker for an export potential evaluation.

A guiding hand

Going international with Migaloo Home was the next step for the company, but they were unsure of how to proceed and what had to be done. That is why they were happy to receive a guiding hand from a local expert, to help them get started with the program. As explained by Migaloo Home’s CEO and Creative Director Monika Błaszkowska:

We are very grateful for our mentor Aleksandra Harasiuk in leading us through the very complicated export issues, meeting with businesses, or gaining knowledge of politics and people from foreign countries, that can teach us more about the business culture, which is crucial for a company’s export.’

In addition, being kept up to date by their local expert, proved to have a significant impact on the company, as they were informed on a regular basis about meetings and events for exporters and thanks to that, learned more about foreign markets and their economical, trading, social, and cultural conditions.

Next stop: Europe

As a result of their confidence to continue with the programme, Migaloo Home got a better understanding of the export process and how crucial business relations are to successfully building a business abroad. That knowledge attained via the local expert combined with hard work, helped Migaloo Home grow and prepared them for the next big step for their company: We would like to build the brand to become one of the most interesting and innovative companies in interior design in Europe.’ A step that started with getting the information, guidance, and the confidence to go international with their business, through the Pomerania Export Broker programme.