Title of the action: Widening of existing funding scheme to implement life science projects up to higher TRL level with industry alike equipment though process innovation.

Brief description of the action

The action focusses in regard to research and innovation on efforts of SMEs and their employees to adapt to change and increase their competitiveness, especially in the health economy sector and their part life science. Researchers and other R&D performers in the field of health will also be supported, both to promote innovation and to ensure the supply of highly skilled workers.

This will allow to continue developments beyond prototype and demonstrations to a higher TRL level (~8 = Qualified system with proof of functional capability in the field of application) as testing and implementation can be done on real equipment.

Progress on the implementation of the action plan

In all its activities of BioCon Valley Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e. V. - events, acquisition of exhibitors for leading international trade fairs, networking for SME in the sector, rewriting of the „Masterplan for Health Economy in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - the association will point out the possibilities and necessities of the action plan. This applies in particular to targeted events related to the promotion and information of start-ups.

In addition, the association accompanies the idea competitions of the two universities of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with a special prize each year. In the follow-up support of the winners of these competitions, targeted advice in the sense of the action plan takes place.

Main change perfomed by the action plan implementation

The action plan gives greater visibility to the issue and the need to address it in order to improve the economic development of the region. It also enables the region to develop as an attractive place for start-ups and career opportunities for young people.

How COVID-19 crisis influenced your action plan implementation?

The organisation of events, especially as face-to-face events and direct networking, is made more difficult by the protective measures for the pandemic.  Nevertheless, the association has retained its networking activities - shifted to digital and social media as well as to the most direct communication possible via telephone and e-mail.