Title of the action: Development of Co-creation hub to build the life science ecosystem

Brief description of the action

For the building of a new ecosystem the specific political tasks related with social economic such as economic growth, employment, financial returns, wealth creation are needed to be solved. With the development of ELISE project, the idea is to further develop the city of Kaunas as a smart, environmentally friendly, innovative, clean attractive foreign investment. The building of an ecosystem with companies, policymakers, academia, investors and citizens ready to engage for joint projects.

Therefore, there is a need to develop Co-creation hub to address these problems through awareness raising, capacity building and collaborative research and practice by creating new communication lines between different members of ecosystem.

Co-creation Hub will be expected to be a fundamental background for Kaunas city prevention health care and lifestyle ecosystem. The main goal of such center will be to ensure the fluid cooperation and knowledge distribution between different Kaunas city stakeholders, Kaunas city municipality and government of Lithuania

The “Co-creation hub” would expect to be the main structure for creation of the Kaunas city prevention health care and wellbeing. The created "Co-creation hub" should help strengthening research, technological development and innovation improve operational programme for investing European Structural and Investment funds, which is provided in the Strategic Plan of the Kaunas City municipality.

Progress on the implementation of the action plan

Unfortunatelly due to COVID19 situation, the main activities were postponed or transferred to virtual. But together with the main stakeholders we agreed on the hub establishement strategy and started project proposals preparations for the national and international funding. Presently 2 project proposals are submitted – 1 national and 1 international. Two more proposals are under development.

Also the on-line lectures were presented to different age school children. The on line open discussion was organized together with NGO “Apsodink“ there we discussed importance of sustainable ecosystem establishement in cities and regions.

Main change perfomed by the action plan implementation

In close collaboration with Kaunas Municipality and Public Health Bureau the changes in city development policies with clear highlight to sustainable development of city ecosystem is noticed. Kaunas took direction to became healthy city and many actions including infrastructure, education and behavioral changes noticed. 

How COVID-19 crisis influenced your action plan implementation?

Due to COVID 19 KTU was unable to keep schedule of the planned meetings with potential users of the co-creation hub.