ELISE partners could not meet for several times due to rampaging pandemic in the whole world. Aim of the project is to share knowledge, so partner Centre-Val de Loire decided to organise online workshop, where good practices from collaboration and their regional approach towards R&I regarding COVID-19 was introduced. As an addition one presentation delivered by CLS showed out of the box experiment to support COVID-19 treatment.

The first presentation was held by the Isabelle Dimier-Poisson and Patrick Barillot (RECIPHARM) which is the company that is producing the second generation of vaccines. These vaccines will have several advantages: targeting 2 proteins in the virus (current vaccines target one protein) which will significantly improve resistance towards mutations. The second innovation of the vaccine is delivery system - nasal spray that is more customer friendly. Vaccine is currently in the preclinical testing on animal models and if everything goes well it can be produced in the first half of 2022.

The second presentation was given by Fabien Riolet from Cluster POLEPHARMA - it showed how stakeholders of the region are reacting to the current crisis - some of them are developing new drugs or vaccination. Capacities for production were shift and adjusted to produce already existing vaccines such as Moderna.

After the coffee break overview on "Immunological therapeutic strategies and Covid-19" were held by prof. Hervé Watier in order to explain current clinical approach to the treatment of COVID-19 patients and how medical doctor are cooperating with life science companies to develop new treatments.

The last presentation from France was delivered by Denys Brand and Vincent Puard (MAbSilico) that showed how artificial intelligence and life science can work together. In this particular case AI is used to identify antibodies that can be used for treatment of the COVID-19.

The last presentation was held by ELISE partner Martin Haranta (CLS) that talked about experiment developed by company Medipharmavision in Brno Czech republic. They produced specific mixture of probiotics to serve as supporting treatment for the COVID-19 patients. Clinical trial is already in progress.

Cooperation on regional, interregional and international level is a key in the fight with big challenges such as pandemic.