The Portuguese Environmental Fund was created to support environmental policies in pursuit of the objectives of sustainable development by contributing to the achievement of national and international objectives and commitments, including those relating to climate change, water resources, waste and nature conservation and biodiversity.

The Incentive for the Introduction of Low Emission Vehicles has been a commitment of the Portuguese Environmental Fund since 2017, which intends to continue the implementation of measures to accelerate the acquisition of alternative and environmentally more favourable traction energies, such as 100% electric traction. Electric mobility is increasing its relevance in the framework of the sustainable mobility concept, to increase energy efficiency in the transport sector, and as an important support for climate change mitigation.

This year’s Incentive for the Introduction of Low Emission Vehicles budget was published through the Order no. 1897/2021 of 19 February, and reinforces the incentives to electric mobility with a total budget of 4 MEUR for the acquisition of low emission vehicles, highlighting three key areas of intervention, which integrate different types of support and different beneficiaries: Light Passenger vehicles; Urban logistics and Cycling active mobility and two wheels vehicles.

The values and limits of the incentives to be assigned are as follows:

• Typology 1 - Light passenger vehicles: 700 incentives or 2.100.000€

• Typology 2 - Light commercial vehicles: 150 incentives or 900.000€

• Typology 3 - Cargo bikes, with or without electric assistance: 300 incentives or 300.000€

• Typology 4 - City bikes, two-wheel motorcycles and electric mopeds: 1857 incentives or 650.000€

• Typology 5 - Conventional city bikes: 500 incentives or 50.000€

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