In a ceremony held on November 17th , Nelson Lage, President of the Board of Directors of ADENE, delivered to Lisbon City Council the first MOVE+ fleet certificate including light and heavy duty vehicles. MOVE+ is a voluntary certification scheme, managed by ADENE, that classifies, compares and suggests improvement measures to increase the fleets’ energy and environmental efficiency.

At the time, Nelson Lage highlighted the Lisbon City Council “determination to lead energy efficiency in the mobility sector, having ADENE as an ally to seek solutions to the existent challenges and MOVE+ as a tool in the path towards a more efficient mobility”.

Lisbon City Council fleet classification is currently B, in a performance scale from F (worst) to A+ (better), which shows their commitment with the energy transition. Some examples of this are the electrification of light duty vehicles fleet which ensure 40% of the municipality service needs.

MOVE+ has allowed the identification of energy efficiency opportunities in the fleet, crucial to pave the way for the decarbonisation of the fleet, especially in vehicles with intensive use, such as waste collection vehicles, becoming a relevant tool in the path towards the city's carbon neutrality, which will be achieved in 2030. It is estimated that just with the energy efficiency measures identified by MOVE+, it will be possible to reduce consumption by 400,000 litres of diesel per year, which would avoid the equivalent of 910 tonnes of CO2 every year.

This classification of Lisbon City Council fleet will certainly serve to inspire other similar entities to act in this field and to accelerate the sharing of good practices, where the potential gains are significant.

MOVE+ is a good practice identified by EMOBICITY and included in Interreg Europe PLP database