In the year 2021 ENERGAP implemented RAP activities in social houses:

•    ENERGAP helped residents to established an access to an advanced metering system (Moj Elektro) in four households.

•    In six households, ENERGAP obtained data on the use of electricity from a local electricity distributor (Elektro Maribor) on the basis of their authorizations.

•    ENERGAP has prepared household saving survey and send it to the households to get data on potential energy savings.

•    ENERGAP has got in contact with residentials through the telephone and has given them energy advices on how to use the equipment and which energy efficient measures to implement to achieve energy and financial savings.

•    Due to the Covid pandemic, personal visits and energy tours of the apartments were severely hampered. But ENERGAP still managed to visit some of these residents and hand them a package of LED lights as a reward for participating in the EMPOWER project.