The Southern Regional Assembly in conjunction with 3CEA soon to be South East Energy Agency through the Interreg Europe EMPOWER project lunched an Energy Poverty Guidebook 2022.

The cost of energy is increasing all around the EU and with many households struggling to pay their increasing utility bills, energy poverty is on the rise. The Guidebook outlines how Energy Poverty is a  real cause for concern in Ireland and Europe, how it is impacting households but also what can be  done to ease the strain on householders.

In March 2022, 3CEA and the Southern Regional Assembly hosted an Energy Poverty Workshop which invited 9 stakeholders to relay their good practices on how Ireland and other European Countries are trying to assist in alleviating energy poverty by looking at alternative ways to heat and cool homes.

These 9 stakeholders were chosen from over 50 case studies as the most capable of creating real impact on Energy Poverty throughout Europe.The stakeholders’ good practices are included in the guidebook showing how Energy Poverty is being  tackled throughout Ireland and Europe.

The guidebook gives a comprehensive look into these 9 good practices from Ireland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, and Poland.

Full Guidebook is available at: