The Autonomous Region of Sardinia (RAS), Enerselves project partner, will host the 7th Interregional Event in Cagliari next month.

The meeting will be held from 5th to 7th November and will include: -

  • 5th November: the project partners Steering committee
  • 6th November: the study visit of some RAS good practices
  • 7th November: the dissemination event with the presentations of RAS excellence in the field of green energy and the integration of renewable energy sources in buildings

The Autonomous Region of Sardinia will also coordinate the roundtable held by local and international political stakeholders, with the focus on the policy instruments for energy self-consumption in buildings and the different approaches of the various nations and local communities.

City of Cagliari, located in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, the city of Cagliari is in the south of Sardinia. The capital of Sardinia has always played a strategic role for the whole island, representing the gateway to its territories and fueling the local economy, thanks also to its large gulf that houses the city.

The ancient charm of Cagliari, the beaches and the inland, as well as the magnificent hospitality of Cagliari, make the city a pleasant tourist destination as well as the hub of culture and science for Sardinian people.