The final conference of ENERSELVES project will take place on the 14th and 15th of June in Karlskrona (Sweeden).


14 June 2022

09:00 Open event - final conference

09:10 Niklas Carlsson (Sweden) (Expo Karkskrona – Karlskrona Municipality)

(Designing the Future. A view of Karlskrona Expo)

09:25 Emil Lind (Energy and climate advisor)

(Supporting citzens and companies towards renewables and energy efficiency)

09:35 Simone Gheorghiasa (Romania) (North East Regional Development Agency)

(Romania North-Est ROP a tool for a more sustainable region)

09:55 Cosme Segador Vegas. (Extremadura´s Energy Agency)

(Availability of Financial products for renewable energy in public buildings)

10:15 Coffee break

10:30 David Palacios Cuesta (Iberdola) (Spain) (Online)

(A new self-consumption model, energy communities)

11:10 Project results and learnings

11:10 Lidia Salame and Tommy Lindström (Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden) (Sweden)

(Trends, cooperation work, and materials)

11:25 Rachel Tully (Extremadura Energy Agency) (Spain)

(Present project results and/or good practice)

11:40 Prof Fabrizio Cumo (Faculty of Architecture Sapienza University of Rome)

(Best practice for social housing in Lazio Region)

11:55 Diane Cassar (Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency) (Malta)

Presenting project results

12:10 Mădălina Vițelaru (North-East Regional Development Agency) (Romania)

(Mapping the renewable energy production in the North-East Region of Romania)


14:00 Solcel Park

16:00 Björketorp biogas, agrovoltaics and debrief

15th June 2022

Partners Meeting and experience exchange

09:00 Start and Registration - Internal Consortia Meeting.

09:15 Review of the activities done.

10:15 Coffee break

10:35 Workshop regarding lessons learned during this additional call.

11:35 Steering committee meeting.

Should you need further information do not hesitate to check the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden website.

This event is seeking to provide an experience to everyone involved, promoting the interchange of experience and lessons learned during ENERSELVES projects life.