The Minister for the Ecological Transition and Sustainability of Extremadura's Government, Olga García, has pointed out in the online conference Energy Transition in Extremadura: The role of Solar Electric Self-consumption, organized by the Extremadura Energy Agency in the framework of ENERSELVES project, that renewable energies, and the progressive and growing implementation of electricity self-consumption "constitute today the cleanest and most environmentally friendly alternative to obtain energy, also exerting a positive effect on our economy, on the electrical system and consumers as well”.

Representatives of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings (IDAE), the Association of Renewable Energy Companies, the Spanish Photovoltaic Union and the Extremadura Energy Cluster have also participated in this event that shows the regional results of ENERSELVES project in Extremadura.

In this framework, Olga García has stated that the intention of the Junta de Extremadura in this matter is to firmly promote renewable self-consumption, mainly photovoltaic, in the residential sector, in the tertiary sector, in industry and the primary sector, in such a way that "savings in primary energy consumption of the Extremadura economy of between 2% and 3% per year" can be achieved in the next decade.

This lower expected energy consumption, as stated in the Integrated Extremadura Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030, would come from installing photovoltaic self-consumption in 10% of Extremadura homes, in 20% of the primary sector, in 10% of the industry and also from the private tertiary sector and, finally, in the public sector, which should set an example, to make a greater effort to achieve 30% self-sufficiency.

Likewise, the responsible for Ecological Transition and Sustainability Department of the Regional Government has announced that it intends to involve to a greater extent the financial entities that operate in the region and the municipalities so that the path for the expansion of self-consumption is further facilitated.

An agreement with the banking entities of the region will soon be made public to offer financial instruments addressed to fund self-consumption, aiming at this sector growing and being more interesting for the citizens and companies of Extremadura: "Self-consumption is our best ally in the energy transition, in the fight against climate change and economic reactivation", she concluded.