As one of the largest sources of energy consumption in Europe, buildings are considered a primary target for energy efficiency measures. ENERSELVES project wants to improve policies in order to support the increase of energy efficiency in buildings, the integration of renewable energy and the reduction of GHG emissions.

To develop this task, Europe has launched the Recovery Plan, which includes measures to repair the economic and social damage caused by COVID-19. Developing and implementing regional policies can be difficult, especially if you don't know what is working well in other regions. Due to this reason, the ENERSELVES project wants to share its experience regarding policy instrument development.

Thanks to all these years of cooperation, the ENERSELVES project has allowed partners to share experiences and benefit from the knowledge acquired. Different lessons were learned during this process within the consortium, based on good practices, interregional events, local stakeholder meetings, and so on.

An example of the lessons learned by project partners are:

- Solar smart communities in Extremadura were launched to address a new model that is currently being promoted. The enabling of collective self-consumption allows several users to consume energy from the same solar installation.

“MIEMA embarked on a national campaign to promote a sustainable renewable energy community model based on the Spanish example presented and organized meetings with key stakeholders in the region to discuss the implementation of such projects.” Quote from the MIEMA agency in one of the project’s reports.

- Mapping renewable energy production: A mapping tool used to identify potential for solar energy production has also been presented in Extremadura. This mapping application does not only show potential for solar energy production but also other technologies such as biomass, biogas and cogeneration.

“The mapping tool is largely like the Solar Map in Blekinge, a service at the County Administrative Board of Blekinge, where property owners can see how much electricity their roof can generate if they were to install solar cells. Such similarity may lead to a future partnership and knowledge exchange to improve both tools.” Quote from the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden partner in one of our reports.

If you are interested in knowing more about the project’s results, you can read the full “Lessons learned” document!