Environmental Statement is more than a Declaration...

Squeeze it and get the most out of it!

During the first half of the year 2018, ENHANCE partners continue their interregional learning process through the in-depth analysis of good practices and the thematic workshops with other partners and stakeholders. All partners are working in the preparation of their future Action Plan, therefore the thematic workshops will allow them to learn about other practices and obtain useful feedback from the stakeholders.

One of the elements that distinguish EMAS from other environmental management systems is that it requires the preparation of an environmental report (statement) that includes the main information about the environmental management of the organization. This report is validated by third party (accredited environmental verifier) and is publicly available for all interested parties. It’s an interesting communication tool, but it is still not providing the expected results for EMAS registered organizations.

The Regional Government of Andalusia will host on May 3rd and 4th/2018 the next workshop, which aims to discuss about communication from different perspectives: environmental performance indicators, life cycle perspective, Environmental Product Declaration, and the environmental statement for different stakeholders (public authorities and EMAS registered organizations).

Representatives of each region and country involved in the project will provide examples of best practices on communication & dissemination (i.e. promotional issues, awards, relevance of Register, templates provided by Public Administration) and improvement opportunities: barriers and obstacles in terms of content (i.e. identified weaknesses and improvement opportunities) and structure among others.