Regulatory relief and other incentives for EMAS organisations.

EMAS as a key tool towards Circular Economy

On 28 November 2018 Ministry of Territory and Sustainability, leader of ENHANCE project, in collaboration with all partners, will held in Barcelona the 1st Dissemination Event of ENHANCE project. On this day the work done during the first 2 years of the project will be presented, in order to achieve new incentives and more regulatory flexibility for EMAS organizations and to give visibility to EMAS as a driver of circular economy. The Dissemination Event aims to make know the results of the whole cooperation to a wide audience, not only at project level, but beyond participating regions.

During the 1st Dissemination Event, and as a result of the exchange of experiences, the recognized best practices of regulatory relief and other incentives for EMAS organizations will be presented, which will project the EMAS Action Plan in each of the participating regions.

The Dissemination Event incorporates a space for debate and assessment among attendees on the best practices presented. In this sense, is essential the active participation of the stakeholders (involved from the beginning of the project in the groups of interested parties) and also of public administrations, competent bodies of EMAS, environmental verifiers, commercial and business associations and other relevant regional and national companies (whether public or private).