Environment Agency of Austria, will host the first thematic workshop of ENHANCE additional activities, on April 26th . The workshop will be held in hybrid mode, face-to-face in Vienna and online, and It will be focused on how EMAS actors have reacted to face the COVID impact.

The Agenda of the workshop has been structured in the following sections:

  •  Understanding the COVID impact on EMAS Scheme
  •  Help & Support to face the COVID impact; Helping and supporting the EMAS registration
  •  Influence of COVID on EMAS-registered organisations; How EMAS-registered organisations have managed the Environmental Management System (EMS)
  •  Future of Audits; Influence of COVID on audit activities: How much remote is possible?

The workshop will be attended by all the project partners, together with some of their most relevant stakeholders and those who can contribute some good practice of interest that could be transferred among the participating regions. The workshop will be attended by a representative of the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, representatives of European EMAS Helpdesk, EMAS-registered organisations, EMAS Competent Bodies and EMAS Verifiers from the participating regions.