This meeting, which should have been in Italy, was the first one since the end of 2019 when partners closed the first phase of the project with all their action plans approved and ready for implementation. Today, nine months and one pandemic after, partners proved their resilience and how they overcame COVID-19 effects to get their Action Plans at the good pace for their implementation.

Not all action plans go for the same measures, and not all of them suffered the restrictions in the same degree. But in general terms, in spite of suffering some delays; all of them are progressing according to the initial calendar.
As usual, the partners’ meeting went far away than expected. In addition to the recap of the project activities and planning future actions within the project, partners explored options to keep the partnership and the network activities alive even once the project finish. Priorities of each region in tourism and heritage policies and how they are being worked on by different governments were also an issue of exchange and debate among partners.