Day1 (06.07.22)

19.25h – 19.30h Welcome (ASEV)

19.30h – 20h45 Exchange activities (I)

 Joint report. Detailed presentation of the joint report (Report Coordinator)

 Joint report. Improvement proposals and amendments to the version shared by email (Writing team, project partners and thematic experts)

20h45-22h25 Working-dinner

 Joint report. Discussion and closure of the joint report final version to be submitted to the Steering Committee (Writing team, project partners and thematic experts)

Day2 (7.07.22)

9.00h – 9.10h Welcome (ASEV)

9.00h - 11.15h Exchange activities (II)

 Analytical summary of the project (EIXO)

 Exchange activities. State of play and main conclusions (all partners).

 Future collaboration proposals (all partners).

11.15-11.30h Coffee-break

11.30-11.45h Exchange activities (III)

 Joint report. Formal approval. (all partners)


 Communication activities. State of play (TOKAJ)

11.45-12.30h Management and Coordination

 Reporting procedure. Project closure

12.30h-12.45h Closure (ASEV)