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Local Promotional Event of EPICAH in Italy


A local promotional event of the project Epicah addressed to the local tour...

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Valga / Valka- towns without border


Estonia-Latvia twin towns - Valga / Valka -celebrated 10th anniversary for...

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World Heritage and Digitalization!


The local stakeholder meeting in Mád in Hungary. What does it mean world...

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Local stakeholders workshop in Satu Mare, Romania


The cross-border workshop and second meeting of the local group established...

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First local stakeholder meeting in Greece


The 1st local stakeholders' network meeting took place in the Region of Western...

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Czech-Bavarian Cultural Platform


Cities Pilsen (CZ) and Regensburg (DE) realize together cross border project:...

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1st in Italy - Cross-border Workshop of Pol. Inst. 2


It took place on the 16th of Nov '17 in Genoa in concomitance with the annual...

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Epicah meeting in Empoli, Tuscany, Italy


ASEV organized the second cross-border culture experts and Steering Committee...

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