On Friday 13th November, the Spanish Minister for Tourism and Commerce presented the Modernization and Competitiveness Plan of the tourism sector within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. It will have an estimated impact on tourism of 44,000 million euros.

This is a plan that has as a priority to maintain Spain's leadership in the country's tourism competitiveness while helping to reactivate the sector and modernize the entire tourism value chain. “We must take advantage of the crisis caused by the pandemic as an opportunity to accelerate the transformation of the tourism model, incorporating with levers digitization and sustainability in its triple dimension: environmental, socio-economic and territorial" the minister stressed.
The plan has five strategic areas of action:
    Transformation of the tourism model towards sustainability;
    Tourism product development and modernization of the tourism ecosystem;
    Firm commitment to digitization and tourism intelligence;
    Tourism resilience strategies for extra-peninsular territories; and
    Special actions in the area of competitiveness.
The Plan foresees actions to move towards a model of sustained and sustainable growth that allows Spain to maintain its position of world leadership by improving the competitiveness and profitability of the tourism industry, enhancing the differential natural and cultural values of the destinations and distributing in a more equitable the benefits and burdens of tourism throughout the territory.
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