Each regional partnership in ERUDITE has undertaken a multi-stakeholder process to prioritise, select, co-design and implement digital new services which combines social and economic return on investment analysis with an open innovation process and that allows the evaluation and monitoring of their potential impact (and of course improves the delivery of selected Policy Instruments!).

You will find a guide in the library section 'Valuing Digital Communities' with exercises to our ERUDITE SEROI+ METHODOLOGY (Social and Economic Return on Investment with Open Innovation), the single-day introductory workshop (with results) from our European SEROI+ 'Valuing Digital Communities' workshop held on February 22, 2018 in Brussels

Read in this order:
1. Workshop programme and background - with SEROI+ Inspirations and Background
2. SEROI+ overview
3; Centre County Background
4. Indicator and Value Chart...
5.Policy Priorities
The other documents detail the conclusions of the working groups who undertook the day's 'training'

Please use the following link to access the SEROI+ Documents detailed below


  1. The ALAV SEROI IMPACT Analysis document is a summary of a study undertaken by ALAV - the Association of Local Authorities in Vasternorrland, Sweden to support their Action Plan and justify changes to e-governance processes in service set up and management
  2. The Consent … pdf is a detailed example of a service developed through ERUDITE by ALAV
  3. The SEROI+ Overview gives a detailed picture of our modular service design and analysis process developed through ERUDITE
  4. The SEROI Calculator and Indicator Monitoring are ‘beta’ versions of our Impact Monitoring Tools for the services developed through ERUDITE
  5. The SEROI+ Value Activities ERNACT is an example of the indicator and values from One partner