On October 30, a meeting was held in Bialystok as part of the "open card" series of meetings organized by the Institute of Municipal Activities. It was devoted entirely to discussing cycling topics in the city, and an online broadcast was also carried out. The meeting was attended by invited guests: panelists, cyclists, city activists and people from other institutions who are close to cycling issues. 

The panelists included representatives of Rowerowy Białystok, President of Rowerowy Wrocław, a specialist in sociology and Representative of the Mayor of BIałystok for cycling infrastructure. Since this is a new position created within the Council Office in BIałystok, all gathered declared their willingness to cooperate with each other. The assembly also stated that the city lacks a coherent cycling policy that would allow for complementary activities and investments. It should also include, among others uniform technical standards, strategic goals, network planning, provision of financing and issues of public participation in monitoring and auditing investments.

During the meeting, the results of the bicycle traffic and infrastructure survey conducted in October 2019 were also presented. A representative of the Association of Białystok Functional Area, a partner in the EU CYCLE project, also participated in the meeting. During the discussion, the project assumptions and plans for its duration were presented. Finally, the assembly also expressed the hope that this meeting represented a foreshadowing of changes for the better in Białystok.