Following the virtual study visits organized by the EU CYCLE project partners and the identification of cycling infrastructure good practices, the Apulian Region will have the opportunity to organize an in-person study visit in Germany and the Netherlands between 26 and 29 of April 2022.

The Study Visit will be hosted by the EU CYCLE partner Euroregio Rhine-Waal, and will be attended by the technicians from the Region and other Apulian local authorities.

The event will include the visit to the city of Kleve (D) with its cycling streets (roads for mixed use with priority for bikes over cars), as well as a visit to Utrecht (NL), guided by the Dutch Cycling Embassy, in order to see the largest velo-station in the world with 12,500 bike spaces on three levels, built as part of the renovation of the railway station and open now to the public as well.

The EU CYCLE project, aims to influence sustainable mobility projects financed with ERDF funds, by sharing good practices in the cycling sector, as part of the "International Learning Process", with the aim of increasing cycle mobility and its integration with public transport.

In this regard, Puglia Region has foreseen through the last call for the purchase of city buses financed with ERDF funds, the possibility that these are equipped with external supports for the transportation of bicycles.