EU CYCLE Action Plan implementation: Poland overview

A planned action in the Bialystok Functional Area's Action Plan was the development of technical standards for the development of cycling infrastructure in the area of communes of the Bialystok Functional Area (BFA).

These standards are supposed to have a positive influence on the way the policy instrument, which is the Strategy for the Development of the Białystok Functional Area until 2030, is managed, so that investments in cycling infrastructure arising on its basis are implemented in a consistent technical and executive manner.

The BFA Association has made a market estimation which showed that the development of the document regarding the above standards would cost considerably more than the funds Association has allocated within the EU Cycle project. At the moment the BFA Association doesn’t have sufficient funds for this purpose, but it is planned to implement this as soon as financial resources will become available.

At the moment, work on the elaboration of a supra-local Strategy for the Development of the Białystok Functional Area until 2030 is underway. One of the strategic objectives of this document is the development of sustainable urban mobility, including cycling. The activities planned under this objective concerning the development of the cycling network in the BFA will take into account the assumptions adopted in the BFA's Action Plan.