"Mejorar la participación de las ciudades pequeñas, medianas y periféricas en la definición de la Política Urbana Europea"

The EURE Opinion Report on the position and role of the small, medium and peripheral cities in the priorities of urban policies is now available in Spanish. As a reminder, this report reflects on how to improve their presence in the definition of the European Urban Policy and their participation in funds allocated by the future equivalent Article 7 of the ERDF Regulation to urban policies to ensure that its priorities also answer their needs. Spanish speakers can now read its 10 recommendations in their language!

Read the report in Spanish here.

"Por une calidad de vida mejor y sostenible en las ciudades Europeas" & "Pare uma melhor e sustentável qualidade de vida nas cidades Europeias"

Although the EURE Joint report is still only in English, its executive summary can be read in Spanish and Portuguese!

The report provides an overview of the reasons why the EU is, and should continue intervening in urban areas as well as how urban areas actors perceive the EU intervention. The report contains important information on the state of art in the EU in 10 key areas and provides 55 best practices examples to illustrate the analysis and showcase success stories in Europe in different thematic, including 10 good practices of ITI – Integrated Territorial Investments – concerning Sustainable Urban Development.

Read the executive summary in Spanish here.

Read the executive summary in Portuguese here.

The EURE reports are foreseen to be translated in more languages, so stay tuned!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash