EURE adds an additional regional report to its collection with the publication of the Regional Report Brittany Region! This report focuses on the "Bretagne ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020" policy instrument.

For a better understanding of the context, it should be mentioned that in France each region has adapted its policy instruments to the circumstances of the territory. Therefore, sustainable urban development has been generalized for the Brittany region. The programme's key objective is to promote a greener economy, although, for practical reasons, the study carried out on the region was focused on the Axis 3 of the Programme: Energy transition and its impact on local authorities.

The Brittany region is strongly mobilized around 3 main axes in this context: the development of renewable energies, the control of consumption, and the reinforcement of networks. The cities are the main targets of these axes. The climate and energy transition are transmitted locally through "Climate and Energy Transition Plans" which Brittany promotes through a regional network. The investment priority 3 of the Axis 3 is oriented towards sustainable urban development and therefore towards Climate Plans. The urban dimension is fostered transversally by the Operational Programme in its section "An integrated approach to territorial development".

Discover more in the EURE Regional Report Brittany Region (France), prepared by Atlantic Cities.

Photo by Howard Bouchevereau on Unsplash