We are happy to share the news about the World Urban Forum that is going to take place on 26 -30 June in Katowice, Poland.

This prominent event of global impact is held every two years and aims to address the ever - present challenges that accompany continual urban development, such as securing an adequate standard of living boosted by affordable digitization or control of shrinking natural resources, amplified through the prism of ill-predictability of a pandemic threat or climate change.

The World Urban Forum is to bring an irreplaceable chance to share stories of success, carried out thanks to the collaboration of various urban planning institutions, stakeholders, and the socially aware actions of metropolitan enthusiasts.

This year’s hosting city, Katowice, is a self-evident example of transformation from a mainly industrial land towards one of the greenest cities in Poland. In this line, the Forum will focus on the greener, more resilient urban future supported by smart governance and innovation, to adapt our cities to the highest standards of modern, healthy living.

You are invited to visit the website of the event, or maybe you wish to go straight to the registration page!