Since last summer, the EURE partners have been busy implementing their Action Plan to bring transformation at local level. Where do they currently stand? Are there already some visible improvements? Lubelskie Voivodeship tells us more about the changes that started to appear in Lubelskie following the EURE Action Plan.

Can you summarise your Action Plan in one or two sentences?

Our Action Plan sets the stage for strengthening cooperation with cities in the region and updating the strategic document of Regional Urban Policy of the Lubelskie Voivodeship to specifically include the environmental aspects of EU policy.

What have you already implemented?

Work on the implementation of the Action Plan began with action 2, namely changes in the organisational chart of the Marshal Office of the Lubelskie Voivodeship (Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Lubelskiego w Lublinie UMWL). The Department of Strategy and Development has recorded a specific action of "conducting analyses and studies as well as developing concepts, policies and programs relating to areas and problems of spatial development, including those related to the Regional Urban Policy of the Lubelskie Voivodeship".

Do you already have some first evaluation? How are the changes brought by the Action Plan welcomed by the local actors?

Already at the stage of LSG meetings, the need to appoint an on - site contact person managing a thematic scope of urban policy was reported, and the ongoing organisational changes are a response to those needs. The next step will be to assign the task of designating issues related to urban policy to a specific employee, whose tasks will include e.g. organisation of regular meetings and workshops, providing local authorities with useful information on strategic planning, management of functional areas, good practices or new support initiatives for cities, along with taking the responsibility for the process of updating the Regional Urban Policy of the Lubelskie Voivodeship. Dedicated actions are soon to follow as stakeholders (mainly representatives of the largest cities from the region) are interested, moreover, have already expressed their willingness to collaborate and consult on the political instrument.

The project is finishing in a few months, do you already know if you will follow-up on the Action Plan? How?

Unquestionably, urban policy implementation has been permanently included in the tasks of the Marshal Office of the Lubelskie Voivodeship.