The Action Plan of ANEL is mainly emphasizing the inclusion of green infrastructure projects in the OXA Strategies of the District of Nicosia (Strategy for Sustainable Development of Southern Nicosia and of Latsia & Geri), which is ANEL’s area of intervention.

The proposed project, the Urban Park of Palourokampos, which was put forward for funding, is a green infrastructure project that aims at the improvement of the environmental performance of urban spaces in Nicosia.

The proposed Urban Park of Palourokampos is in the southwestern part of the Municipality of Latsia and covers an area of 4.2 ha. The proposed interventions aim at the connection of the Urban Park with the city, as well as at the transformation of the park into a pole of attraction and a reference point for the wider area. The Park is envisioned as a ‘linear observatory’ or as a ‘balcony to the city’, providing easy access and beautiful views. The various and important entrances of the park provide access to it from all over the city.

The proposed project aims to transform the site into a new urban public space, an attraction for residents and visitors, which will culturally and environmentally upgrade Latsia. The Park aims to become a green lung for the area; while also combining other related functions such as outdoor recreation, aesthetics, physical sports and more. The proposed interventions have taken into serious consideration the specific characteristics of the area, the large slopes, and the existing flora. The Park is designed with absolute respect to the natural environment and in a way that it remains vibrant throughout the day and the year.

After the approval of the OXA Strategies of Nicosia and the inclusion of the selected project as a high priority project, ANEL worked closely with Latsia municipality to start the implementation of the project and fulfill all the recommendations and requirements of the Managing Authority. The last year was very fruitful, as all the necessary permissions and approvals were secured, which is a significant step forward to start the on-site works.

Τhe municipality invited the citizens to join their cause and celebrate the initiation of the on-site works with a Tree Planting Day on the 30th of March 2023.