The Strategic Food Plan of Catalonia (PEAC) 2021-2026, is the result of more than a year of collaborative and intense work with the main Catalan actors involved in the food chain: primary producers, the food industry, food distributors, restaurants and catering, research and universities, local and national agencies promoting the food sector, etc. Its aim is to establish a common integrated and transversal food policy in the region, shared with society and created by all the agents involved.

The PEAC as an instrument to implement the EUREGA Action Plan

The PEAC focuses its actions on sustainable and transformative bioeconomy, territorial development, and a fair, equitable, healthy, cohesive and trustworthy food system. It highlights 10 objectives, 20 strategic fields and 55 specific initiatives.

Prodeca, as a member of the Consell Català de l’Alimentació (Catalan Food Council), will be especially active in the areas and activities focused on promoting Catalan food companies and its products by:

  • Encouraging a minimum of 25 initiatives to highlight local and traditional quality products and to promote Catalan cuisine;
  • Promoting local, seasonal and sustainable food in public food procurement.

These two areas of work are strongly related to the EUREGA Action Plan: “ÀPATS CATALUNYA: encouraging regional policies to increase the percentage of local agri-food products in public food procurement”. It includes the proposal to approve, by the Catalan Parliament, a new public procurement law as a regulatory framework and instrument to encourage healthy, local and sustainable food in public canteens.

The PEAC is the roadmap for the Catalan agri-food sector, a strategic sector of Catalonia. It offers an excellent opportunity for the public and private sector to work together in order to improve the qualities of our food system, in terms of building a more sustainable, safe, resilient, healthy and accessible food to all citizens, benefiting consumers as well as adding value to our food companies. Prodeca, as a public company within the Catalan Government whose aim is to promote Catalan food, will play a key role in the development of the PEAC and within the implementation of the EUREGA Action Plan.