Brunch event series launched in Hajdú-Bihar: Meet County Tastes

During a successful and tasteful day in Derecske, representatives of neighbouring municipalities, university experts, food producers, craftsmen, restaurants and accommodation providers met and changed ideas on specific themes related to local food – local identity while built new connections and strengthened their current networks.

Bringing life to lessons learnt in the EUREGA project, Hajdú-Bihar County Government utilized the opportunity provided by the support of Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme and created a fresh initiative called “Meet County Tastes”.

Following an extensive preparation completed by the staff of Hajdú-Bihar County Government, the event series was launched in Derecske on 14 September 2021 followed by a wonderful second round in Nádudvar on 16 September 2021.

Over the brunch events, participants had the chance to taste the product range of many local producers while excellent chefs created new and innovative meals using these quality products.

The event series is expected to promote the county’s local products and handicraft, support the marketing and visualization of these assets and help to create stronger link between farmers-producers and tourism-hospitality actors.

Two more events are planned in the upcoming weeks to create the base for further ones.