How can EU regions develop innovative solutions and policies surrounding electric mobility and thereby ensure to be drivers of green growth? What role can flexible public-private partnerships involving SMEs, energy providers, suppliers, retailers and public bodies play?

Those and more questions will be addressed during our 2nd Regional Stakeholder Meeting conference hosted by EV Energy Partner EUR S.p.A in their facilities.

Experts and key stakeholders at our roundtables include representatives of ENEL S.p.A., GLS Italy, UMPI, the Sustainable Mobility Research Agency of University Sapienza of Rome, the Mobility Service Agency of the City of Rome and many more.

This is what we aim for and what you can learn about at our conference:

  • Analyse the current policy context for electric vehicles at national, regional and local level and assess opportunities for investment and development
  • Gain knowledge and insights about how to overcome regulatory bottlenecks for e-mobility
  • Examine the role electric vehicles can play in stimulating green job opportunities
  • Examine how EV producers innovate and adapt in order to limit GHG emissions through e-mobility
  • Discuss how to overcome the greatest electric mobility challenges, including infrastructure and recharging
  • Develop ways to support national strategies via EU funding in order to foster energy market liberalisation in the automobile market
  • Take part in lively and interactive discussions with key stakeholders in the field of e-mobility and build lasting partnerships for future collaboration

In the afternoon, EV Energy project partners will attend the Press conference of Formula E planned in the EUR neighbourhood of Rome next 3 April 2018.  

The Press conference will take place in the new architecture of the Roma Convention Center “La Nuvola” (Massimiliano Fuksas architect) in the EUR area of Rome.

Register on our website for the event or get in touch with us to get more information.