The Energy-Mobility Transition session presents activities, lessons and advices from European cities and regions, frontrunners in applying innovative renewable energy solutions smartly combined with EV charging infrastructure.

Four European projects work on these topics from different angles providing ingredients to get these highly needed sustainable solutions replicated and up-scaled. Participants get acquainted with the latest development and contribute to discussions regarding the following activities: 

  • SEEV4-City: Practical experiences, integration clean energy with electric mobility by ICT;
  • CleanMobilEnergy: Neighbourhood scale overarching energy & mobility management systems
  • SIMPLA: incorporation of sustainable mobility and renewable energy action programmes in city planning;
  • EV ENERGY: New policy development for improved uptake, upscaling, replicability & better business practice for cities

We reply the question "How to apply, finance and roll this out at large scale in Europe’s cities?"

Have a look at the event agenda or find out in this video what our session is about. 

See you soon in Brussels!